David and Vicky on s/v Windfreak 

Time Spent in the Leeward Islands


The Leeward Islands are in the NE Caribbean and include all the islands between St. Martin and Dominica.  The islands slowly bend to the south so that sailing between them is usually easy, since the trade winds come quite religiously from the east.  The islands are close enough together that it is no longer necessary to do overnight sails.

Here Vicky and I finally have come to peace with each other and our cruising lifestyle, not getting tired of it, but actually loving it more every day.  We have come to realize that this may not be the cruise of a lifetime, but only one of many to come.  This could easily be a "between jobs" hobby.

We are also happy to have joined in some great friendships with like minded souls.  These are friendships and memories we will treasure always.

David and Vicky enjoy the shade of a palm tree.


St. Martin
St. Barths and Saba
St. Kitts