Home  Dominica 5/26/2008

They say that if Christopher Columbus came back this is possibly the only island that he would recognize.  Much of the island is well preserved or absolutely unspoiled by human hands.

This island is not known for its beaches.  Its known for its rainforests and awesome beauty above the waterline.  Dominca is justifiably dubbed the "Nature Island of the Caribbean".

First on the list of things to do is take a river tour on the Indian River with A2C.  Our tour guide, Albert, was a very good teacher.  He pointed out tons of wildlife and plants that we wouldnt have seen without his help.  No outboards allowed, so Albert rowed.

The river was very calm and the boat moved slowly.  We were able to take tons of pictures plus joke around with A2C.  Far inland, before turning around, Albert took us to a jungle bar where we had fresh squeezed mango juice that made our tongues tingle.


A nice shot of the river.  There were scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean II taken here.  The film crew built a jungle house then tore it down like it was never there.  The filming of these movies brought jobs and money to many of the islands and their people.


Trafalgar Falls are located on the eastern edge of Mornetrois Pitons National Park.   They are two hundred feet tall.  Even though there are boiling lakes and hot sulfur springs, this water was cool and refreshing.  David cant pass up a chance to go swimming in a fresh stream.


Located outside Soufriere, this steaming sulfur spring burped and gurgled a nasty sulfur stench.


These falls flow from the Trois Pitons River which originates from the boiling lakes area.  We decided not to go see the Boiling Lake as it is a 4 hour one way hike.

Cool view of Scotts Head Pinnacle taken from the town of Soufriere.  While driving through Soufriere we spotted a large topless lady wielding a machete with a crazy look on her face.  Needless to say this picture was taken from a car window!

Scotts Head is known for Scotts Head Pinnacle.  Scotts Head Pinnacle is where unfaithful wives were thrown off a cliff to the sharks below by their vengeful husbands back in the olden days.


The Emerald Pool was formed by a 40 ft waterfall, and is absolutely gorgeous.  We had the place all to ourselves so Vicky took the opportunity to have a freshwater bath.  We hung out here for a long time; reclining against large tree roots and soaking up the sounds and sights of the rainforest.  More than just our bodies were refreshed.