Home  St. Martin/Sint Maarten 4/26/2008

After a long overnight sail from Virgin Gorda, where we encountered squalls and engine failure, we were happy to drop the Anchor in Marigot Bay, the French side of St Martin. Here we spent 6 wonderful days exploring the island, celebrating carnival, enjoying the French Pattisseries and trying to calculate Euros.

St Marin/St Maarten is the world's smallest land mass that is shared by two countries: France and the Netherlands. It can be confusing as they both speak different languages and use different currencies.



Even though we anchored on the French side of St Martin, several days we caught a bus to Philipsburg, Sint Maarten to enjoy the pretty scenery and the great duty free shopping. 


On days when up to four cruise ships at once are docked at Philipsburg, the boardwalk is unleashed with tourists.


 Only 500 miles until we reach Venezuela!!!


David and Vicky enjoying the boardwalk at Philipsburg.


During our stay, the Dutch side had a Carnival to celebrate the Queens' birthday. It was a fun celebration filled with music, colorful customers and talented dancers. It was our first Caribbean carnival and it was a blast.

Here Vicky gets into the mood, jumps out in the street, and starts dancing like a maniac.  Meanwhile David saunters off to buy a $16 hot dog...

Boys and their toys! With all the French islands we will be visiting, David got his telephoto lens just in the nick of time. :)  He was happy because he got it for hundreds less than the cheapest online prices.  Vicky has taught him how to SHOP!


Our last port of call before leaving for St Barths was Grand Case. Grand Case is a quaint French village with beautiful sand beaches.  David could have used his new telephoto, but he was a good boy.