Home  St. Kitts and Nevis 5/6/2008

After a bumpy night at Saba, we were looking forward to a nice calm picturesque anchorage...think again. Even though the island is beautiful, the anchorage is less than desirable, as it was rolly, in front of the industrial port and a long wet dingy ride in to town. Due to the long dingy ride, we were able to hitch a ride with Offline and A2C as they would move their boats in closer to shore during the day. It is good to have friends that have windlasses and aren't afraid to use them. :)

We spent four wonderful days in St Kitts exploring the beaches, lush countryside and the capital city of Basseterre.

We left Saba at 6:00am to start our 40 mile sail to St Kitts. It was a great sail. We did have some drama like when the engine died because we ran out of gas and the yellow sail bag decided to fall of the bow while we were sailing. But it is all part of the adventure. :)

The circus in Basseterre is a smaller replica of Piccadilly Circus in London.


It seems the English are everywhere these days. :)


 During our visit, Offline, A2C and us took a guided tour of the island. The first stop was to Caribelle Batik, a historic manor and botanical garden where ladies create painting using wax. Along the steep driveway we encountered a few welcoming monkeys. The monkeys were brought over by the French in the 18th century. There are over 70,000 monkeys on the island and only 35,000 Kittitians.


Brimstone Hill Fortress is one of the oldest forts in the Caribbean. The hill, which the fort stands on, is an 800ft volcanic cone. The views from the top are spectacular.


St Kitts is nicknamed "Little Hawaii" due to the seaside lava rock formations. 

Veronica, our trusty tour guide, stopped along the side of the road for a snack: sugar cane. Veronica stripped the hard outside stalk off with a knife and kindly gave us all we wanted.   We chewed the fibrous innards of the stalk, then spit the fibers out.  The juice is pure cane.  Quite tasty and refreshing.

The night before we left for Nevis we decided to hang out at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack. The Shiggidy Shack is a great place enjoy a burger on the beach by a blazing bonfire with a few friends.  We also saw a fire dancer.


A beautiful sunset taken from Pinney's beach in Nevis.