Home  Antigua 05/12/2008

Antigua is one of our favorites islands. It is hard not to fall in love with the perfect white sandy beaches, turquoise water and picturesque anchorages. We spent a glorious week here exploring the lush island, soaking up the sun and playing in the crystal clear water. We simply couldn't get enough of Antigua.

The views of Antigua were breathtaking. The lush mountains and millions shades of blue water were so inviting.

After a great 24 miles sail from Montserrat, the turquoise water greeted us as we arrived at Jolly Harbor.


During a dingy ride with A2C, we developed technical problems... We ran out of gas about 300 yards from the boat. Luckily, a local rode by and took pity on Rick having to row us two girls and offered us a tow back to the boat.


 Calgon, take me way!!!!


David and Vicky basking in the warm turquoise water.


Valley Church beach was perfect. It was full of white sand that met turquoise blue water. And best of all, we had the whole beach to ourselves. 

After spending a couple of days at Jolly Harbor, it was time to see more of the island. We moved the boat to English Harbor. It is a quaint harbor filled with restaurants, t-shirt shops and a small museum.

A picture of the anchorage as seen by Windfreak.


One of Antigua's most famous historic sites is Nelson's Dockyard. Nelson's Dockyard is an 18th century British navel base named after Lord Horatio Nelson, who spent many years during his career here.