Home  Guadeloupe 05/18/2008

Guadeloupe is a large beautiful French Island about 40 miles south of Antigua.

We went scuba diving at the famous Cousteau National Marine park.  Here, Rick and Suz, from A2C watched us descend.  It was a very pretty 70 foot dive with hard and soft corrals, tons of fish, turtles and good visibility.  Our dive was cut short by about 10 minutes when Vickys O-ring failed and started emitting large volumes of air.

The fort at Basse-terre called Fort Louis Delgres, which dates to 1643, was by far the highlight of Basse-terre.  The Lonely Planet guide calls the city "rather grim".  This is rather true.  We had some expensive McDonalds, did some provisioning, and got out of there rather quickly.


Les Saintes are a small set of islands just off the south coast of Guadeloupe.  These islands captured our fancy and kept us for 5 days.  We could have stayed much longer.  The main town in the islands is called Borg des Saintes.  Its well put together, sophisticated, and has a nice European flair.  The only negative: the currency is Euros, which made it a bit expensive.


 Baie du Marigot is a beautiful beach we walked to with A2C.  Our walk led us by small ranches with goats, cows and other livestock.  The ranch homes were absolutely beautiful.  The beach bordered a bay and on the far side of the bay was a huge cliff that David climbed like a wild bafoon, I mean, baboon.


The beach at Borg des Saintes.  Here our group sat and drank a wonderful tasting beer called Corsair.  It was so good, we consumed quite a bit, then walked down the street and ate huge pizzas late in the night.


A shot of the anchorage from Borg des Saintes.

We took a day off with A2C to go sailing, simply for the fun of it!  This is new.  A2C had problems with their genaker one night in a squall, and needed to shake it out, dry and re-stow it.  Windfreak was happy to tag along.

This is a common occurrence.  A rafting of dinghies trying to figure out where to go or what to do.  Although this flotilla was a great reunion with our friends Richard and Laila on Nebula.  They had been delayed by a couple weeks in St. Martin for repairs.


Vicky slurps the milk from a jelly coconut.