Home  Montserrat 5/10/2008

It was questionable if we would be able to anchor at Montserrat as there were news reports of volcanic activity. It seemed safe enough as the volcano is on the south side of the island and the anchorage is on the north side.  It turned out that a week after we left there was a small eruption. The ash cloud rose to over 10,000ft above sea level. Yikes!!!!

The Runaway Ghaut named after a French invasion of 1712 designed to capture slaves, took place here. The ravine is known as Frenchman's Creek, the escape for the French after they lost the battle.  The legend of Runaway Ghaut suggests that visitors who drink from its waters are compelled to return. Needless to say we all took turns drinking from it. :)

The volcanic flow wasnt lava, it was extremely hot ash and sand.  They excavate the sand now, and send it to other islands for use in things such as cement.


Vicky standing in the middle of the disaster zone with the Soufriere Hills volcano in the background. 


 It was amazing to see the tops of houses that had been buried by ash when the volcano erupted in 1997.


Many of the homes, unlike this one, were untouched.  But the local government has banned anyone from returning to areas it considers dangerous.  There are some folks that built their dream vacation home in 1997 on Montserrat, and have never actually gotten to enjoy them, even though they sit there in perfect condition, ready to be used.

This particular photo is on the second floor of this unfortunate home.  They say this guy went crazy after the disaster.


A twisty turny road, and a beautiful view on Montserrat.

Monserrat kids playing cricket out on their field.  Most people we talked to dont think about the eruption too much anymore.

A unique outhouse we used quite a bit at a bar on the beach.  Go figure.