David and Vicky on s/v Windfreak 

Time Spent in the Bahamas


Theres so much to say about the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.  They are a cruisers dream destination from so many angles.  They may not seem as exotic as Bora Bora or Fatu Hiva, but truly they offer a wealth of happiness to the wanderer from the mainland that wants to get lost for a year or two.  We are enjoying our gung-ho adventure of seeing the whole Caribbean in 1 year, but a dream of the future could simply be gunk-holing in the Exumas for 5 years. 

Most places to go in the northern and central Bahamas banks have simple bay/lake-type sailing.  When the good weather comes (weather windows) one can venture out into the deep rolling waters to cross to other banks, for example from the Abacos in the north to Eleuthera and then the Exuma banks farther south.  The waters are clear and full of Lobster, Conch, Mutton Snapper, and Tuna which are our favorites.  And, contrary to our fears we got around easily with our 6 foot draft.

Having fun on Treasure Cay, Abaco


Bimini to Spanish
Guana Cay
Hope Town
Allans Cay
Waderick Wells
Staniel Cay