Home  Allens Cay 1/12/2008

Allens Cay was our first stay in the Exumas that was more than just an overnight anchorage.  The Exuma Islands of the Bahamas are our favorite islands in the Bahamas, and could be cruised without boredom for a year or more.  The water was slightly warmer, and slightly clearer than that of the Abacos.  We missed visiting with our families but were amazed with this group of Islands and were eager to head south following our hearts desires.

The anchorage as seen from the deck of Windfreak.  From all points of the compass are beautiful Cays that surround the sandy anchorage.  Watch out looking around too much as there were folks (from the way north) out washing their decks in the buff.  Guess they dont get enough sun up there.

This photo is looking in the opposite direction at Windfreak from the iguana beach.  We love the million shades of blue and green that come from the ocean.


A shot of Highborne Cay from the top of Allens Cay.


 The locals that live on Allens Cay.  They love chilling on the beach in the sun, just like us.


The iguanas were friendly and would greet us in the hopes of getting a food handout.


Vickys new drinking buddies.

Bud  --  Why  --  Zer?

The snorkeling was good.  The Blue Chromis fish really stand out.  Monsterous coral heads were not hard to find.  We found a few Conch to eat, but no Lobster.


Brain Coral.  Dont step on a sea urchin!  The spines are poisonous.