Home  Staniel Cay 1/19/2008

Staniel Cay was a great place that was full of nice little surprises.  We met friends Carl and Jan (White Pepper) at the annual beach and bonfire party that was thrown our first night at anchor.  We dinghied into the small town for supplies and fresh bread, but mainly stayed anchored at Big Majors Spot.

Looks like we made it!  Beautiful white sand, deserted beaches.  Who could ask for more.

Not exactly deserted.  Here we meet our newest drinking buddies on "Piggy Beach".  Little did they know how hungry this country boy got when they first appeared.  Anybody for a bacon sandwich?


Vicky bonds with the girls.  But when the boys came crashing out of the woods, David ran like a girl for safety.  They only wanted scraps of food though and all got along in the end.


 Oh no.  Not another afternoon of windsurfing.  :)  OH YEAH BABY.


The famous Thunderball Grotto is an exquisite cavern that has been filmed in many movies including a couple of James Bond movies.


From the moment you enter the water you are surrounded by fish begging for food.  Tourists feed these fish with beanie weanies so they have become very tame and friendly.

"Come to me my children."

No they aren't piranha!


Its a bird!  Its a plane!  NO its a Doritos eating fish.