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We made a few trips to Guana Cay, which is across the Sea of Abaco about 10 miles.  Sometimes we went together and sometimes we went in separate parties.  But either way it was really cool to see the beautiful beaches and grab a beer and food at Nippers Beach Bar and Grill.  One night we took Windfreak and seven of us stayed at a mooring ball sleeping on Windfreak in cozy comfort.  Just DONT eat the lamb and the local marina restaurant.

Emerald Bay (the boat) with Captain Dwight and First Mate Diana braved the fierce seas to sail to the beautiful island of Great Guana Cay. Dwight has a mean right hook when it comes to catching mutton snapper. :)

Dwight decided to let David catch one this time...


Windfreak also braved the fierce seas but with some stowaways that we couldn't to get rid of.  The least of which are John, Sue and Gina catching some shade from the main boom.


 Ole Faithful (Winky the Dinghy) was on hand to transport everyone from Weakfreak to the pier of Great Guana Cay. Soon we would be at Nippers chowing down on conch burgers and drinking Kalik a local Bahamian beer.

"Just walking up that dirt road puts a big smile on my face" says a sign on the way to Nippers.

Davids family head toward Nippers.

From the left: Vady, Diana, David and Ronnie.  Good times.
Guanas beach is picturesque with large patches of sand dotted with medium to large boulders.  We loved it!

Chowing down on conch burgers and drinking those cold beers.

All this play requires lots of R+R.  John finds it here in a hammock by Grabbers.  Dont let the coconuts hit you on the head!!