Home  Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park 1/15/2008

Exuma Park was our best stay in the Exumas.  It had many miles of hiking, sandy beaches, windsurfing, and a park headquarters building that serviced cruisers needs.  It cost 15 dollars a day to stay on their mooring bouys, but that makes sleeping at night much easier.

Vicky loves signs.  Shes always watching for them.

Windfreak on the mooring buoy.  The bouys were located along a semicircle of deep water that surrounded a large sand bar.  The current shifted back and forth every day at significant speeds, which is why anchoring would have felt less comfortable.


We took a nature hike with a volunteer cruiser / conservationist.  He informed us that the Bahamas used to be covered with a lush tropical rainforest much like Hawaii.  In the 1700s colonist burned off the islands to make sugarcane plantations.  The top soils soon eroded from storms and wind, and left the islands in their current desert-like state.


 The anchorage as seen at low tide.


Top of BooBoo Hill.  Many cruisers have gone before us and thankfully this seems like all that was left.  They say, "Leave only footprints and take only pictures".


Davids new beer buddies.  They love de suga mon.

I found the TREASURE!!!

Cutting in and out of the moored boats was fun.


After a hard day of hiking, windsurfing, and sunbathing, all that is left to do is make a fruity rum drink.  Ahhhhhh.  IT IS GOOD TO BE US.  :)