Home  Georgetown 1/23/2008

Georgetown aka "Chicken Harbour" is a trailer park for cruising boats.  Boats, boats, everywhere!  Georgetown is the most popular final stop in the southernmost Exumas.  From here going farther south, the "Thorny Path" starts, where sailing is done on the open ocean, rather than on the Bahamas Banks, which afford protection from the ocean swells.  The trade winds from the east are stronger as well.  This makes it more difficult for cruisers to make the decision to leave for the Caribbean.  Some cruisers stay for months.  We stayed for 4 days.

Which way do we go.  Which way do we go.

Hangin at the Chat n Chill watching the sunset.


Too much chillin and not enough chattin for Vicky while David watched the sunset through the back of his eyelids.


 This trailer park has FREE lot rent!  My favorite price.


The Bridge from Elizabeth Harbour and Kidd Cove into Lake Victoria and the Dinghy Dock.


Vicky exploring the streets of Georgetown.

A pretty shot from one of the hotels.

St. Andrews Anglican Church.


When fishing, pull your tuna in fast as possible or risk losing part of your meal to SHARKS!  Duh duh.  duh duh. duh duh duh duh dud.