David and Vicky on s/v Windfreak 

Time Spent in the Windward Islands





Learning to Relax 101.  Prereqs:  Empty beach.  Two beach chairs.  Cooler of beer.  Time.

The Windward Islands are in the SE Caribbean and include all the islands from Martinique to Grenada.  Sailing these islands have been a long held dream come true.  Crystal clear waters, the whitest sand, vibrant reefs, cool trade winds, and luxuriant tropical plant life make it so beautiful as to raise goose bumps on goose bumps.

As we sailed through these islands, we crossed north latitude 12 degrees 40 minutes, which is the southern edge of the hurricane box dictated by Windfreak's insurance contract.  The pace of island hopping slowed way down since there was no longer a schedule requiring progress south.