Home  Grenada 6/27/2008

The country of Grenada includes the islands of Carriacou, Petit Martinique, and Grenada.  Grenada is nicknamed the Spice Island.  The main industries in Grenada are tourism and the export of spices such as nutmeg.

The sleepy island of Carriacou, 14 miles north of Grenada, is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy island life. Not to mention it has the best pizzeria in Grenada.

Once again, Vicky made David hike 5 miles to a t-shirt shop and she couldnt find one she liked.


A view of the anchorage in St George's lagoon.  We used St George's lagoon as a base camp while exploring the island.


The white sandy beach and turquoise water of Grand Anse as seen from Fort George.  This was our main swimming hole.

Fort George was built by the French in 1705 and is the oldest fort in Grenada. Even though it is now occupied by the local police, the grounds are open to the public. It has stunning views of Grenada and is a great place to enjoy a roti with friends. :)


The HASH House Harriers is a beer club with a running problem.  After completing a grueling hike through the lush mountains of Grenada, it was time to quench our thirst.  A good time was had by all.

During the hike, David took time out to hunt for food....Delicious Juliet Mangos perfectly ripe.


During our stay in Grenada, we become addicted to beef and chicken rotis.  Here is Vicky and our friends Richard and Laila enjoying one outside De Roti Shop in St George. Yum Yum!


David with his friends Gavin, Heather and Randy from Austin who had come to visit for a week.   We went north from Grenada to the Tobago Cays and back.


Unfortunately, it rained for five out of the six days during our friends' visit.  The day they left the sun came out and shined non-stop for a month!


Here is just one of Grenada's many pretty waterfalls.


David and Randy sucking on coco beans.  Randy just couldnt wait to get a couple of those beans in his mouth.


The River Antoine Rum Distillery has produced rum since 1785 and claims to have the oldest working mill in the Caribbean.

Here is picture of huge vats of fermenting sugar cane.  The rum produced comes out as 151 proof and will put hair on your chest.  It might make great lighter fluid for the BBQ grill!