Home  Grenadines 6/8/2008

The Grenadines to us are the jewels of the Windward islands. With a total of 32 beautiful islands and cays, which include Bequia, Canouan, Tobago Cays and Union Island, the Grenadines is a cruiser's playground.

We spent three glorious weeks island hopping, soaking in the rays and hanging with friends.


A view of the anchorage at Bequia (beck-way) as seen from Port Elizabeth.

Bequia is a small quaint island just south of St Vincent.


Suz (A2C) and Laila (Nebula) found their own piece of heaven on a pretty white beach in Bequia.

There is never a Cabana boy when you need him. :)


Moonhole is a suburb unlike any other. The houses have been made out of the natural arch of the rock, which is known as the "Moonhole". The homes are rather primitive as there is no glass in the windows or electricity. Also beware of falling rock.... The original Moonhole house was abandoned due to a boulder falling on to the empty bed below.... Not my kind of a wake up call. :)


The Tabago Cays are the most pristine uninhabited islands in the Grenadines. The water is crystal blue with an abundance of live coral and sea life on the Horseshoe Reef that sounds the anchorage.

Our time here was bitter-sweet as we had to say goodbye to our cruising buds Rick and Suz. A2C was going up on the hard and Rick and Suz were headed home for the summer. Even though we had only met them a few months before, they had become like family to us. There were lot of good times had by all and memories that will last a lifetime.


During our farewell beach party, a 10 year old kid showed the oldies how a REAL man gets coconuts...:)


Watch out girls you never know who you will pick up on the beach. :)

Faster than a speeding bullet... Super Dave hurling through the anchorage.

David's new sidekick Gene Simons. :)


The Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed in St Vincent and the Grenadines.  One of the most famous scenes is where Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan were thrown off the Black Pearl and stranded on an island where they light the palm trees on fire.  Well, this is that very island (Petit Tabac) where the scene was filmed.  For any environmentalist out there, no Palm trees where harmed during filming. :)  And the cache of rum was cleaned up long ago.

Vicky taking it easy on one of the many wonderful beaches in the Tobago Cays. Ahh!

Don't worry Mum I am exercising sun safety. :)


A picture of the anchorage taken from the highest spot in the Tobago Cays.


The picturesque channel to the Tabago Cays with Canouan in the background.


Amongst the schools of fish, there were an abundance of sting rays and turtles. We stumbled across two sting rays which were either mating or fighting...


Palm Island is our favorite inhabited island in the Grenadines. Once called Prune Island, the author of the famous book Desperate Voyage, John Caldwell and his wife, Mary, fell in love with the island , built a hotel and planted bountiful palm trees. 

Desperate Voyage has long been one of Davids favorite sailing stories.


Vicky getting used to being a lady of leisure. :)

A view of the anchorage at Union Island.