Home  Martinique 5/30/2008

Martinique is a French speaking island and the French influences were a nice touch.

At the beginning of the 20th Century Mt. Pelee erupted and destroyed the town of St. Pierre in just 10 minutes.  All that was left was a guy that was in jail.  Sometimes jail isnt so bad I guess...

Heres Vicky sitting on a wall located close to the infamous jail cell.


Customs and Immigration for Martinique is the easiest by far of all places to check in, in the WORLD.  Check in is done in a internet cafe / bar called L'Escapade.  Extremely informal, plus David had a beer while typing in the info.  No paper wasted.  Dominican Republic: CATCH A CLUE.


Anse Mitan


I dont remember anything about Anse Mitan!!!  But I do remember the DILLON RUM FACTORY!!!  We like to tour rum and beer factories.  Mainly because of the free samples.  And of course we are interested in the historical stories of the old time factories.  Before getting the said samples, we (Nebula, A2C, and Windfreak) had to sit through a 15 minute video on the history of the place, spoken completely in French.  Cant they give us the samples before the movie??


Here is where the blessed nectar is squeezed from the sugar cane stock.


David and Vicky posing in front of the unsinkable HMS Diamond Rock.  For 17 months British sailors used the rock to harass French vessels trying to navigate the passage.  A French Admiral outwitted the sailors by sending a skiff loaded with rum to drift over by the island.  You can figure out the conclusion.