Home  Flower Gardens Shake Down Cruise 9/2007

Vicky and I decided we needed to have some offshore practice with Windfreak before taking on the 8 day sail from Houston to the Dry Tortugas in November.  Plus we were sure it would be great fun.  Boy were we right!

We planned a 24 hour sail out, 24 hours on a buoy there, and 24 hours back.  We left Friday of Labor Day weekend at about 1pm and got back to the dock on Monday at about 3 pm.  It was far from a real shakedown cruise...  The only thing we really worked out was the iron genny and our disdain for cube life!


Before leaving we added the final major piece of electronics. Its the Raymarine 2kW radar seen here, mounted on a gimbal. Having the radar pays off more than expected. It makes sailing shorthanded at night extremely easy.

We will ditch the redneck air conditioner before blasting off. It has served us well...


Vicky took this shot Saturday morning. The water was glassy and this dolphin was enjoying her company!


We caught two blackfin tuna along the way.


We both LOVE sushi. Between the two fish Im guessing we ate about $200 worth of sashimi in 3 meals.


We finally made it to the Flower Gardens. The water was calm and clear. First thing on the list: jump in and cool off.


We brought two tanks each for scuba diving. We had a blast on our dives, even though you might not be able to tell with our masks and regs making expressions difficult!


Check it! We have both been hoping to see a manta ray for years and it happened! I was under a reef taking a picture of a little fish when Vicky practically yanked me out of the hole I was in. What a majestic creature. I hope we get to see more like him...

(See the "videos" portion of this website for more on the manta ray.)


This guy hitched a ride about 90 miles offshore. He didnt want any bread... Just a 5 minute breather before taking off to God knows where.


We arent going to miss our cubes......