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Windsurfing Les Saintes south of Guadeloupe
It was an 8.5M day, but the scenery was beautiful.  We were anchored off Bourg Des Saintes to the east with Terre D'en Bas downwind to the west.  Vicky was sunning on the beach at Ilet Cabrit where David rigged and launched his Exocet Cross 117 and Sailworks 8.5.  Allergic to Cities was buzzing around in their dinghy running a video camera and checking out other beaches. (May, 2008)  


Sailing Downwind from St. Barths to Saba
This was an awesome sailing day from St. Barths down to Saba.  It was nice to putt along, for a change, at 7 knots with just the genoa in the relative comfort of a downwind sail.

After Martinique, most sailing days are nice high speed beam reaches.  Reading books and listening to the ipod is the norm.


Manta Ray at the Flower Gardens
A dream come true.  Vicky spotted this Manta Ray at the Flower Gardens during our Labor Day weekend shake down cruise.  He made this dive one of our most memorable ever. (Sept 2007)