Home  Virgin Islands 4/5/2008

We spent three wonderful weeks in the Virgins Islands. It is hard not to fall in love with this group of islands. Between the crystal clear water, lush hills and wonderful sailing conditions, it really is a sailors paradise. To enhance the experience, we were able to share this time with David's Mum and other cruising buddies.

First port of call in the US Virgin Islands was Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas. A huge harbor filled with sailing boats, mega yachts and cruise ships. A great place for shopping!!! David couldn't wait to get off the boat to give his wallet some exercise. :)

With David's Mum on board, we decided to spend a few days at a quiet anchorage on the east side of St Thomas called Christmas Cove. Here David was able to catch a few waves on his windsurfer. The rest of the time was filled with snorkeling and relaxing. 

I know what you are thinking... And yes, cruisers need to relax too. :)


Just a few miles away from St Thomas is the beautiful island of St John.  We spent the afternoon touring Cruz Bay, which is the main town on St John.




David's Mum enjoying a sail on Windfreak from Cruz Bay to Maho Bay in St John.


Probably one of the prettiest anchorages in the US Virgin Islands is Maho Bay, St John.  The white sandy beach filled with lush palm trees seemed to go for miles.


Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda was our first port of call in the British Virgin Islands. 

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the BVIs is the Baths.  The Baths are a collection of giant granite boulders that form a series of grottoes that flood with seawater.

We had a great time climbing the boulders and swimming in the grottoes.


One of the many charms of the Virgin Islands is that you are always in sight of neighboring islands such as Tortola. It was amazing how close and easy it was to sail to the other islands within the BVIs.

David and his Mum relive fond memories of the Baths from when David's Mum took him their on a Windjammer cruise at the age of 15. The Baths were still as beautiful as they had remembered them being all those years ago.

A picture of the baths taken from the white sandy beach. There is lots to do here from climbing rocks to snorkeling. During a snorkel here, we saw three sting rays and a HUGH barracuda....


David and his Mum enjoyed a great snorkel at the Three Indians.


 After a great day of snorkeling and sailing, it was time to unwind on the beach with a couple of jumbo Presidentes and some good company.


Sandy Cay, an small island south of Jost Van Dyke. It was a great day hiking and hanging out on the sandy white beach.


The Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke is a great place for a nice refreshing dip. The bubbling salt water is created by waves tumbling through the holes in the rocks. It was a lot of fun.

Cane Garden Bay is a beautiful turquoise bay located on the northern side of Tortola. During our stay in Cane Garden Bay, we visited the Callwood rum distillery. The distillery, which dates back to the 1800's, still produces white and gold rum from the cane grown on the surrounding hillsides.




It is not always about laying on the beach and drinking beers. Every now and again the captain makes us stay home and do our chores. What a bore!! We had developed a hole in the genoa coming across from Puerto Rico. As the first mate is not known for her domestic skills, it was time for the captain to put on his Betty Crocker hat and sew up the sail. Hooray for the captain.


Vicky enjoying the beautiful beach at Cane Garden Bay.

David is always loco for coconuts and Medalla Light.  :)

The beach at Cane Garden Bay is a great place to have a beach party. Here we hung out with our cruising buddies before going to the Full Moon Party. The Full Moon Party is a monthly tradition on Tortola. It is the Caribbean's version of Girls Gone Wild.

The Pirate's Bight at Norman's Island.

We hiked to the top of Norman Island with Nubula and A2C.

A view of Windfreak from the top of Norman Island.

We spent our last night in the BVIs, at Leverick bay. We treated ourselves to a very filling barbeque buffet . Also, we danced with the Caribbean stilt dancers called the Mocco Jumbies. It was a great way to spend our last night in the BVIs before leaving for St Martin.

We will miss the Virgin Islands. So long for now....