Home  Venezuela 7/18/2008


The Los Testigos Islands are rugged and far from civilization and we like them. These are our first stop after leaving Grenada. 

A view of the anchorage at Los Testigos.   This shot is taken during a hike with Nebula on Testigo Pequeno.

Here we are in Margarita enjoying good food and even better company after a  wonderful day sail on Nebula.

Margarita is a popular vacation destination with the Venezuelans.

A must place to go for people/speedo watching. :)


More people watching.


Nebula sailing to Isla Coche with mainland Venezuela in the background. 


David taking time out from his busy schedule to windsurf in the anchorage at Isla Coche. Who says that life has to be all work and no play....


Punta Playa, on the west coast of Isla Coche, is a beautiful white sand beach that seems to go on for miles. We spent a great day here with Nebula before we bid them a tearful farewell as they were going back to Margarita and we were headed to Los Roques.

We will miss you guys!!!


A great way to cool off during the hot steamy summer months is to drag behind the boat. We do not advise you try this at home as the water maybe dirty... :)


Los Roques is a little piece of heaven on earth.  We stopped here for a few days before sailing on to Bonaire and loved it. The water is so clear and the uncrowded white sandy beaches are a great place to relax.



A view of the sunset from Cayo de Agua, Los Rogues.