Home  Turks and Caicos Islands 2/6/2008

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a group of islands between the southern Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.  Vicky used to live in Providenciales from age 18 to age 20 and she was excited to see how it had changed.  Boy had it changed.  It evolved from a Mom and Pop island to a sophisticated tourist destination, specifically catering to the wealthier tourist.  Four lane highways had replaced dirt roads and massive condos had sprung up over the whole island. 

We anchored in Sapodilla Bay which was on the southern side of Provo and a 3 mile bicycle ride away.  We spent many days sunning on the beautiful Sapodilla Bay beach, and catching up with friends.

A long bicycle ride to my first Presidente in many years.  This was in Turtle Cove at a place called Tiki Hut, which Vicky used to frequent back in the day.

This is the beach that surrounds Turtle Cove and leads to Grace Bay.


Vicky reminisces her fun years while sunning on Turtle Cove beach.


 We stopped into Tasty Temptations in downtown Provo.


This is a shot of Sapodilla Bay and Windfreaks anchorage at sunset.  The anchorage had good holding but was very rolly on windy days, as can be seen in this photo.


Vicky and David at the dueling ipod party on Allergic to Cities (tm), the Manta catamaran from Colorado.  We had a blast at this party and fell in with a wonderful group of sailors.  The Catamaran had plenty of room in its cockpit for everyone to dance the night away.  There was even some pole dancing going on.  :)

David windsurfing through the anchorage at Sapodilla.

Hurry!  Push him back in!


We had Valentines Lunch at La Brisa restaurant which overlooked Chalk Sound.