Home  Key West 11/15/2007

We had a great time in Dry Tortugas, but were very excited to venture to Key West.   On the way there we stayed a night at Marquesas Keys and finished the last leg to Key West with great winds and beautiful sunny skies.  There are some very nice, expensive beach houses amongst some of the private keys that lead up to Key West.  There were also lots of lobster traps marked by bouys that we had to dodge along the way.  We actually got tangled in one and had to cut ourselves free.

At Key West we really enjoyed the town as much as the beach.  With our folding bicycles as our transportation we were able to tour the whole island to our hearts content.  We bought groceries, hung out at bars, sat along Duval street people watching, and watched the sunset at Malorey Square.  We had a great time and were sad when it was time to go.

Approaching Key West.  Vicky really enjoyed seeing the cruise ship. 

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This is the Dinghy dock.  We parked Winky here every morning before gallivanting around the city.  It was always packed with various small tenders, some of them about to sink.


 Close to the southernmost tip of the US.  I should throw away Vickys hair straightener!!


The sunset seen from Malorey Square.  We were packed in with 100s of tourists jockeying for one good shot of the sunset or their favorite magician or musician. 


The tropical side of Key West.

This is how we roll.

Couple of cheese balls.