Home  Bonaire 8/17/2008

Bonaire, which is derived from an Arawak Indian word that means 'low country', is a diving Mecca and one of the world's premier windsurfing destinations. And we couldn't wait to explore!! With it's enchanting seafront town, friendly locals and easily accessible dive sites, we quickly became enamored with Bonaire. We filled our days scuba diving off the back of the boat, eating at cheap local restaurants and touring the island for Flamingos. Bonaire is a true delight!

The delightful capital of Bonaire is called Kralendijk. This seafront town is very clean and full of charm. 

After countless nights waking up in a pool of sweat, we decided to splurge on a few creature comforts: a hotel with A/C, showers, a square bed, TV, wifi and a nice refreshing pool.

For 2 days, we felt like land lubbers again... It wasn't so bad. :)


Bonaire has over a 100 dive sites to choose and most of them within a few miles of the boat. We were finally going to reap the benefits of carting 4 dive tanks over 4,000 miles.

The first dive site we explored was called Something Special and it was. We got to see our first seahorse, which are very common in this part of the Caribbean. The coral was very vibrant and healthy. The extreme measures Bonaire goes to protect their reef-lined coast is defiantly paying off. 



A spotted eel pokes his head out to greet his new visitors.


The Hilma Hooker is famous due to 25,000 pounds of marijuana that was found aboard the ship inside a fake bulkhead.  The 258ft long, 36ft wide container ship suddenly sank while at anchorage and lies on its starboard side on the seabed at a depth of 95ft. 


We had great fun penetrating the ship.  We swam in and out of a cargo hold where various sealife had taken up residence, It was a great first for both of us.

A must do dive!!!



The salt mountains, a result of the salt pans in the southern part, supply one of the most successful solar salt industries in the world.

Bonaire also plans to install many wind generators in hopes of supplying 100% of the islands home energy needs.


Bonaire is a sanctuary for many animals including donkeys. This particular donkey that we encountered on the beach had a craving for barbeque Pringles....

First it was pigs on a beach and now it is a sunbathing, Pringle eating donkey.... What ever next??? :)


Even though Bonaire is famous for its spectacular diving, there is lots to marvel at above sea level too.  Hundreds of pink flamingos take up residence in the several lakes in the southern and northern part of Bonaire.


While the southern part of the island is dominated by salt flats, wetlands and mangroves, the northern part is dry, covered with cactus and somewhat mountainous.

The sun setting over Klein Bonaire, a small uninhabited island west of Bonaire.