Home  Bon Voyage (Full Moon) Party 10/20/2007

This is the first party we have ever thrown, and we think it will never be topped.  Our friends came out to wish us a good send off and it couldnt have been more heartwarming to us.  Between the best wishes and rot gut tequila shots we couldnt have felt more loved by our closest friends.

Guests of dishonor.  :)

Not everyone at the party wuz rednecks.


Dave and Debbie -- two experienced cruisers to give us pointers.  Plus Kyle my old high school pal.


 We havnt started crying yet.


Are we drunk yet?


Vickys bestest friends.

Amo tries to hold the boat to the dock.  GOOD LUCK!

Hey kids!  Lets take a picture with Grandpa before he keels over!


We drank the $3 Tequila.  YUK.  Buttledge shoots the worms for a puny $11.00.  HAHA.